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       Hello, dear Friend! You're entered in my small Kingdom-of-fans. Really this site is dedicates to my lovely anime-series and fan-works on these series, but I think that it's no need to translate on English an information "theoretical". I'll limit myself a fan-work (it's very difficult to me to speak English, I'm Gaean boy ^_^)

       Well, now here is a lot of fanart works of my friends and one - for the present - fanfic. But I hope it's not all, ^_^. I wanna to get You know the fanworks of The Russia. Also You can find here the songs in a "midi" or (in future) "mp3" format ('xcuse me, please, I can't translate the lyrics from Russian to English...)

Webmaster Dilandu AKA Rapier

        P.S. Ug-oh, also... This site is for 800x600... ~_~


Gaea, the planet there The Earth and The Moon shine in the skies...
Ohtori School - the Hymn of the sword and the friendship.
"W.I.T.C.H." - not really an anime, but it looks like "Sailor Moon", ^_^

A library of  fans, ^_^ 

You can see a beautiful art and hear a wonderful music here.



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The pub "Crossroads-of-worlds" (on Russian)

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